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"The Last Five Years"

Live recordings from the Clearwater Theatre production at the Tarragon Theatre in 2012. Kate Stevenson was the director, Jason Zinger the musical director and Cathy and Jamie were played by Alison Jutzi and John Boag.

  See I'm Smiling .mp3    
  Summer in Ohio .mp3  
  Next Ten Minutes .mp3  
  Climbing Uphill .mp3  
  Goodbye Until Tomorrow/I Could Never Rescue You .mp3  

"Oh, What a Lovely War!"

Rehearsal recordings from the Soulpepper Theatre Company production in 2010. The show was directed by Albert Schultz and music-directed by Marek Norman.

  Your King and Country .mp3    
  I'll Make a Man Out of You .mp3  
  Roses of Picardy .mp3  
  Keep the Home Fires Burning .mp3